- Styling services -

At Cary Lane, we have a portfolio of stylists who merchandise our stores, shoot lookbooks for online, borrow our clothing for independent shoots, and consult with us regularly. Utilize their talents like we do with the following options. Please email us for pricing! Clients who live farther than 30 miles of San Francisco will have to pay for Stylists transportation.  

Style Consultation

A style consultation and the first step to achieving great personal style. One of our personal stylists will come to your home to meet you and your closet. After assessing your wardrobe needs, she will advise you on how to capture a look that is uniquely your own, offering simple every day style tips. At the end of your consult, you will know which style services best fit your needs and the time involved in helping you achieve your goals. (1 hour duration)

Wardrobe Editing

A wardrobe editing session with our stylist is where she'll help you decide which clothes to keep, store for next season, toss, and donate. She will create a personalized shopping list with style notes and store suggestions based on your budget and the items that you need to build your wardrobe. Your closet will feel fresh and your next shopping trip will be organized, efficient, and in the end save you money. (2 hour duration)

Personal Lookbook

Choosing your daily wardrobe and looking fabulous everyday is easy with the Personal Lookbook.  After a two hour wardrobe edit and getting rid of pieces that no longer belong in your new wardrobe, our stylist will put together a lookbook for you with all the remaining pieces in your closet and catalog photos of them for you to easily reference. This makes getting ready for any event fun and simple!  (4 hour duration)

Fashionista Photoshoot

With this package, you can look like your favorite online bloggers and have a session with one of our fashion photographers. Our stylist will first style you in an outfit of your choice (from either your closet or from Cary Lane) and you will receive a set of fully edited digital photos. A makeup and hair stylist can also be requested. Locations for the shoot will be worked out with photographer and stylist based upon what look you are trying to achieve for the photos. (3 - 6 hour duration)

Wardrobe Pulling

We occasionally allow wardrobe pulling contingent on the outreach, length of loan, mandatory store mention, and type of photo shoot.